Create Passive Income with E-Commerce Automation

Our team will build, manage, and scale your Amazon drop shipping store. We do all the work, you provide the credit, and we split the profits.

Who Is This For?

Anyone looking for alternative forms of passive income.

People who don’t want to deal with tenants and maintenance.

Someone who wants to own an automated business.

Someone who has access to credit...

Why ChooseE-Commerce Automation?

Normal Business

  • Get a Store Front
  • Hire Employees
  • Store Inventory
  • You Manage Marketing
  • Manage Sales
  • You Manage Operations


  • No Physical Location
  • VA's Overseas
  • No Inventory
  • Amazon Provides Traffic
  • Automatic Sales
  • We Handle Operations

Store Examples

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This was an aged store we bought and took over.*
New stores take time to scale*
Q4 is the most profitable in E-commerce due to holidays*

Customer Testimonials

I love the customer service they provide! They hold your hand through everything during the onboarding process and are there to help you whenever you have any questions. This is true passive income ! I haven't done a thing other then pay off my credit card every month for the past 13 months since joining. It's the best case scenario for me since I now live BALI Indonesia . You can do this from anywhere around the world!
- DJ Walker
I am very happy with the service Anthony and his team have provided in the Amazon Ecom space. The experience has been amazing. I highly recommend!
- Barry Soloman
This is a very professional establishment. The customer service is outstanding and goes over and beyond for there clients. There very informative and very communicating. They made the process getting started simple and easy. This is honestly 100% passive income. With very little of work and time needed from you. I am very grateful and appreciative for this opportunity!
- Jamal Edwards

Here's How It Works

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The Lunar Ecom Team

Ryan Pineda


Ryan Pineda is a former pro baseball player, entrepreneur, and investor. He started in the real estate industry back in 2010 as a Realtor and began real estate investing in 2015. Since then he has bought hundreds of homes and built multiple businesses from that success. He didn’t intend to get into the e-commerce business, but after buying a store and seeing the success, he decided to pivot into the space. His hope is to provide an alternative form of passive income for those who don’t have the time or desire to invest in real estate.

Tony Guzman

E-Commerce Expert

Tony has been in the e-commerce space for over seven years. He started out drop shipping on websites like eBay before moving to Amazon and Walmart. After successfully building his own stores he began taking on clients and building stores for them. Since then he has managed 100+ stores and produced millions in revenue. His goal is to provide amazing customer service and help his clients achieve truly passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't e-commerce oversaturated?

E-commerce has been growing like crazy. 4 Trillion in 2020!

What types of stores do you manage?

We manage Amazon Dropshipping Stores.

What do I need to actually do?

1) Open up an LLC (we will help)
2) Have 40k+ in credit lines (it can be multiple cards)
3) Pay off those cards prior to starting

When do I get paid?

Amazon will pay you directly every two weeks.